Sex… and you


As a young person, it’s really important to know how to look after your sexual health. From contraception and sexually transmitted infections, to the emotions involved in sex and relationships – there are lots of things to think about.  Don’t worry though, because there’s lots of help to keep you happy and healthy.

Face time
Sometimes emotions can be confusing, so it can be really useful to talk to other people about how you’re feeling. It could be your friends, parents or other relatives, or an adult you trust – such as a teacher. Sometimes it might feel hard to open up, but talking to someone you know will listen can help you feel less alone. You might even find that other people have been in a similar situation and can share their experiences and advice.

There’s no rush
Most people are 16 or older when they have sex for the first time. That’s the legal age of consent but it doesn’t mean it’s the right age for everyone to start having sex. It’s okay to wait until you feel ready.

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