Protect yourself

colorful condom on white background

Before you decide to have sex you should know how to protect yourself from any sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy. So it’s a good idea to find out about the different types of contraception available.

Condoms are a really effective way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and chlamydia – when they’re used correctly. Condoms are made of a thin rubber or plastic, and they stop bodily fluids from transferring between people during sex. As well as preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections, they prevent pregnancy as a man’s semen is collected in the condom rather than entering the woman’s vagina, so it doesn’t go on to fertilise an egg.

Other types of contraception
There are other forms of contraception that can prevent pregnancy – but they won’t prevent someone passing on a sexually transmitted infection to their sexual partner. Some women choose to take a daily contraceptive tablet – you might know it as ‘The Pill’. Other contraceptives are long acting, such as an implant women can choose to have inserted in their arm and that can be left in place for up to three years. There’s also a contraceptive injection to stop a woman from getting pregnant for around 12 weeks before she needs to have it again. The benefit of using a long acting form of contraception is that you don’t have to remember to take it every day!

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