Introducing Sporting Futures


We are Sporting Futures and we are from Derbyshire too. It’s our mission to help young people improve their lives and we do this through the power of sport.

Each year we work with thousands of young people who have had a rough ride and are really up against it. Sometimes they are starting to behave in anti-social way or turned to crime. This is often due to where they live and what’s been going on around them. To add to all this the people we work with have limited job prospects and some are classed as long-term unemployed. This is where we come in.

We use a mentoring approach to help them find their potential and see where they could go in life. The ideal outcome for a young person helped by Sporting Futures is that they start to lead a healthier lifestyle, become more active and involved in their local community.

To sum it up we work really hard to make sure young people stick with our program and ultimately succeed in their studies and be one step closer to landing an amazing job.

This has the wider benefit to the community as it decreases anti-social behavior, crime and reoffending and increases fitness in young people and improved community relations.